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The Sun is a reader-supported ad-free newspaper. Wea€™ve come defined in a way: celebratory, intense, unflinching, careful, sincere, dark, darkly amusing, tender. Contributors let us know that if her services reaches a lot more than 70,000 interested sunrays people, they generally listen to old friends and brand-new lovers.

To help save your energy and time and ours, we recommend you are taking a glance at sunlight before posting. Wea€™ve given some trials below.

a€?Ia€™m in search of a writer whona€™t discover in which the words was respected their; an author who starts with her obsessions and whoever heart is filled with like; a writer sly enough to supply the slip to this lady trick police force, the people employing the capacity to condemn from inside the blink of an eye fixed. Ita€™s alright that this hoe does indeedna€™t know very well what shea€™s thought until she creates they, just like the lyrics previously really exist someplace and bring the for them. She cannot discover how she have here, but she realizes as soon as shea€™s emerged.a€?

a€” Sy SafranskyEditor and Founder from the sunshine

Composing within the Sun enjoys acquired the Pushcart award and already been selected for the right United states Essays and Best North american close Stories anthologies.

You publish private essays, literary composition, and poetry. Personal tales that touch on governmental and social troubles happen to be great.

We all motivate articles from writers of shade.

Question united states; we frequently dona€™t know very well what wea€™ll like until most people see clearly.

We all seldom go such a thing more than seven thousand statement; therea€™s no minimum amount.

All of us deter parallel distribution.

Writing is definitely a lonely act, nevertheless when whatever youa€™ve composed is out to steadfast prospects, it is able to believe rather less very.

What We Give

Self Essays $300 to $2,000 Read taste essays

We get single proper. All the proper return toward the author upon syndication.

Mailed Submissions

You may deliver their typewritten, double-spaced agreement (alongside a self-addressed, stamped envelope) to:

Work are not came back without enough shipping, and then we cannot respond unless a return package is offered.

Interview pitches

Sunshine publishes interviews with revolutionary and provocative thinkers. We love interview that stretch out united states intellectually yet stays easily accessible.

Wea€™re usually looking for sounds not just generally known inside mass media and therefore are specially fascinated about interview with girls and folks of colors.

Most of us write best question-and-answer-style interview: no kinds.

Just before carry out an interview, give us a short review of anyone you have to interview and exactly what guides you intend to cover. What jumps out about them? The reason why would a Sun subscriber consider them? (in the event that youa€™ve previously done the interview, wea€™d nevertheless choose to determine a bit of framework about the person.) Wea€™d like decide a couple of 15a€“20 example problems that youa€™d query. It will help us all create a far better sense of exactly what direction youra€™d getting utilizing the meeting.

Transcripts of the audio must certanly be at minimum six thousand terms and that can generally be just as much as fifteen thousand. In-person interview are best.

What We Invest

We all acquire single right. All the right go back on the creator upon syndication.

Mailed Articles

You can also deliver your own typed, double-spaced submission to:

Users Write

Visitors type questions visitors to handle subject areas that theya€™re the only real government.

Topics are actually on purpose wide-ranging so that you can promote area for phrase. All of us publish simply nonfiction in people prepare.

Create style isna€™t as necessary as consideration and sincerity. There is not any text limit, but you convince that you understand the segment before publish.

Please send your creating under a€?Name Withhelda€? in case lets you a little more sincere.

Whatever You Afford

Customers Write free one-year registration Read an example Audience prepare part

Most people demand onetime rights. All the other proper go back into publisher upon publication.

Mailed Distribution

You may also send your very own typed, double-spaced submission to:

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Wea€™re sincerely interested in black-and-white photos. Wea€™re perhaps not searching for photojournalism, just distinctive sides throughout the business around us a€” specifically real interactions.

As soon as we recognize a picture, most of us prevent the impression on data until we find a spot for it into the journal. It would possibly sometimes take quite a while for all of us to search for the correct issues for an acknowledged picture, but we all assess every picture throughout our document as soon as assembling each every month problem.